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Authorised Licensed Vehicle Tester (LVT)

Eason's Car Centre is now an Authorised Licensed Vehicle Tester (LVT) and can carry out and sign off roadworthys in house.

We can provide an estimate for any work required to complete roadworthy.

If you have any queries on roadworthy requirements or would like to make a booking please call in to our office at 11 Elsworth Street, East Ballarat, call us on (03) 5332 1013, or send us an enquiry via the form below and we will contact you.

Do I need a roadworthy certificate?

It is a requirement for all vehicles in Victoria to have a roadworthy certificate when you change ownership or are instructed to do so by the Police.

Roadworthy certificates can only be issued by an accredited work shop by accredited staff who have undergone extensive training on requirements set out by Vic Roads. Our staff have undergone training required to issue roadworthy certificates in the category of light vehicle.

A roadworthy is a check of the vehicle to ensure that all safety related components have not worn or deteriorated to the extent that the vehicle is unsafe for normal road use. Parts inspected include, lamps & reflectors, the structure of the vehicle, braking system, wheels tires & suspension, steering, seats & seat belts, windscreen, windows & wipers, body, chassis or engine safety items.

Once the first inspection has been completed you have fourteen days to rectify any defects identified. You are then required to bring the vehicle back to be reinspected. The roadworthy certificate will then be issued. Once the certificate has been issued you then have thirty days from that date to transfer vehicle.

If the vehicle is not transferred in that time a new certificate need have to be obtained.

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